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PS38i Peristaltic Pump Spray Station - Power-Sprays (UK)


Construction:                            Painted Steel

Rotor:                                        3-roller horizontally orientation

Hose:                                         Reinforced rubber construction 38mm I/D x 57mm O/D

Drive:                                        Via reduction gearbox and chain wheels

Motor:                                       2.2KW (3 HP) TEFC hose-proof to IP55

Pump speed:                            Variable – between 5 and 18 RPM

Speed Control:                         Via 3-phase inverter

Operating voltage:                    380V 3phase 50 Hz** (220V and 60Hz versions also available)

Typical output:                          12-20kg/minute of GRC (15kg/minute of GRC premix)

Max output (water):                   25 litres/minute at zero back pressure*

Line size (typical):                     10 metres (30ft) of 31mm (1 1/4”) hose.

Air consumption:                       1500 l/min (50cfm) at minimum pressure of 7bar (100psi)

Hopper capacity:                       Nominal 60 litres (13 gallons)

Weight/Overall Dimensions:      420kgs/143 x 120 x 150 cm

Hopper Loading Height:            80 cm



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